Easily Add Fingerprint To any School Lunch-line

Easily Add Fingerprint to any School Lunch-line

No need to do any integrations or change your existing POS system!

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The need for fingerprint systems for schools are growing.

Schools all across the United States have recently started to adopt fingerprint driven solutions in all facets of the institution. Whether it is student attendance tracking, staff management, or complimenting school lunch-line point of sales systems. Schools are turning to fingerprinting systems. It provide another step forward to improving the safety and security of their students and faculty.

What do schools use now in place of a fingerprint system?

Schools will often utilize a variety of point of sales systems in their lunch lines. Most commonly students will either type in a PIN number, scan a barcode, or in other cases swipe a card to register the transaction. These traditional systems are great and have been proven to be very effective, however as with any other systems there are drawbacks to consider.

Badges and cards are an effective way for students to complete a transaction in place of students carrying around currency. However, like any other item, cards and badges can be easily misplaced, stolen, or accidentally destroyed. In contrast to other solutions such as Pin numbers, these can easily be forgotten or passed on. Frankly speaking it is not the most secure way to lock down any point of sales system. Students and faculty rely on this technology in order to improve the efficiency of the lunch line. Not to mention the exponential costs and hassle schools face replacing lost, stolen, or damaged cards.

A fingerprint system is the most secure and practical solution that cannot in any way be stolen, misplaced, or spoofed. Students do not need to worry about carrying around a badge. As well as they don’t need to remember a PIN that can be easily forgotten or passed on. With a press of a finger, the school can recognize their student and confirm a valid transaction.

Where would a school need a fingerprint system other than a lunch line?

There are many parts within a school where students are required to identify themselves in order to access services as well as validate their identify. These places include the cafeteria, testing centers, and everyday class attendance. Identification methods such as visual ID, ID cards, PINs, and badges pose a lot of challenges and have certain limitations. These traditional mediums are not always accurate with identification. This leaves administrators having to spend precious time and resources in correcting costly mistakes.

Not to mention the major security concerns systems that cards or badges are exposed to. A fingerprint system can effectively eliminate these problems. Thus streamline school operations by eliminating the need to track and reconcile data.

How does a fingerprint system help schools to eliminate the student identification problems?

Fingerprints serve the purpose of an identification method. Which verifies individuals based on their unique physical or behavioral trait, that is impossible to steal or replicate. The student identification methods mentioned above identify students based on something they hold (card/badge) or something they memorize(PIN or password). A fingerprint system grants access based on student’s unique trait. This type of system guarantees that none but the authorized student will be able to get their lunch, hence it assures the highest accuracy. With higher accuracy and improved efficiency grants more dollars saved.

What kind of fingerprint systems are available and how do they work?

At Tytechniques, we offer a complete fingerprint identification system, Tytransfer, that will work with any Windows or web-based application. Simply put, Tytransfer is a simple widget that runs seamlessly in the background and can instantly interface to existing school Lunch-line software. Tytransfer is an extremely cost effective solution for this reason. There is no need to throw out any existing system, it’s that easy.

Here’s how it works: similar to how a barcode scanner or badge works, Tytransfer “marries” the student’s unique identifier to their fingerprint template. Once enrolled, students simply need to scan their finger. The software will emulate the ID to the lunch line point of sale software.

The best part? Schools reap the benefits of all other mentioned mediums (cards, IDs, passwords), plus the added security of this fingerprint system.

Conclusion: How can fingerprint systems overcome the problems in school lunch-line systems?

A fingerprint system is definitely a better choice and addresses every concern and fault discussed above. A fingerprint system not only executes with greater speed and accuracy. It also saves time and resources by eliminating the inefficiencies of card and password based systems. The best part? There is no need to buy any expensive and complicated software. Fingerprint systems such as Tytransfer were made to interface with any windows or web based point of sales application used by schools. So there is no need to throw out any existing lunch line applications. Simply install Tytransfer on the PC and go.