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TyTimeCard Free
TyTimeCard Free

Free Cloud based Workforce Management. We would like to empower small business owners by offering FREE Time & Attendance software. Small businesses that have 5 employees or less. YES COMPLETELY FREE!! Click HERE to subscribe.



TyTimecard empowers employers with a digital clock that is used to track when employees punch in as well as, out during shifts.

Reporting Tools

Complimented with powerful reporting tools, as a result, a bright analytics dashboard to give you a quick view of punch activity.

Fingerprint App.

TyTimecard, can also be empowered with our TyTransfer fingerprint application, protecting your business from time theft, such as, ghost and, buddy punching.

Time-Clock System

Employees can also access their own user account. Therefore, view worked hours, as well as view and request leave.

TyTimecard is an easy to use cloud based time-clock system for small, as well as, large businesses alike.

TyTimecard Icon Free Cloud based Workforce Management

Who we are

Here at TyTechniques Solutions, we set out to address common issues employers were experiencing with their daily work flows, Owners, as well as, HR looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity. Therefore, TyTimeCard was created. This revolutionary software solution can easily be fitted to meet all of your company needs regardless of size and budget.


Your data is only as good as our cloud. This is why we pride ourselves on hosting your records in a secure data center that has a 100% power and, 99.9% bandwidth uptime guarantee. Only the best routing as well as, switching equipment is used. Above all, traffic is routed with the best speed and lowest latency.

Punch-In Clock Free cloud based workforce management

Application Features

  • Hourly Tracking
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Chat feature between employees and, management
  • Human capital tracking
  • Easy export for payroll
  • Admin and, hourly employee roles
  • Fingerprint clock-in/out (optional)
  • Additionally, much more!


TiersEmployeesPrice Per EmployeePrice
Premium101-500Per Employee Per Month is $0.89$5340 per year/ $99 Subscription Fee
Suite 52-100 Per Employee Per Month is $1.14$1368 per year/ $99 Subscription Fee
Basic 5-50 Per Employee Per Month is $1.29$774 per year/ $99 Subscription Fee


The Superior fingerprint integration alternative, plus, there’s no coding knowledge necessary!

Secure your cloud based Workforce Management, or any critical window or web based apps. most importantly, the ease of use as well as, set up, can be done within minutes with no coding or integration

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